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Sep. 16th, 2003

I don't remember any of my dreams from the past couple of nights, but I thought I'd share an old one.

I dreamt (a long time ago), that one day I found out I was pregnant, and I gave birth later that afternoon. I hadn't seen my boyfriend for a few days (he's now my husband, but at the time he was my boyfriend), so when he came over to see the baby he was really angry that I hadn't told him I was pregnant. He looked like he hadn't slept in days, and had spent all that time drinking too. He had stubble on his cheeks, his face was flushed and cruel. He started chasing me around the living room with a knife. I'm carrying the baby, so I throw the baby to my mom, but she tells me that he deserves to know his kid, and throws the baby to him. The baby turns into a bean bag frog. He puts the frog feet first into a toaster, the slots on the toaster open up and then close around the waist of what is now a baby again. The baby is really happy though. He's gone from being a newborn to being around a year old, and he is smiling and laughing, waving his hands around while his demented father chases me around with a knife.

I woke up. That was one of my series of really weird baby dreams. I had those dreams before I got pregnant with my son, and some of them I think were just because I was trying to convince myself I didn't want kids, just in case I couldnt' have them.


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