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Jan. 13th, 2004

Last night I had three dreams that i can remember. I dreamt all night, but only these three lingered.


The baby was trying to be born. I was not in labor, I was feeling no pain, but the baby was trying to pull herself out of my womb, on her own. I was trying to hold her in, yelling for Beloved to take me to the Hospital. So Beloved wrapped Monkey in a blanket (it was the middle of the night), and we rushed to the hospital. When we got to the ER, I was still trying to hold the baby in, physically, with my hands, trying to push her back in, becuase I knew it was too early. Beloved was still carrying Monkey in his arms. Monkey was apparently asleep through the whole thing.

We banged on doors, yelling for help, asking that someone help us, but the ER was deserted. There was no one around. There was not even a feeling of anyone around. The place felt empty, sterile.

We ran into the hallways, banging on doorways, pleading that someone, anyone tell us where to get help. No one appeared. The whole hospital was empty.


There were 33 of us. We sat in a circle, around a table. We held hands. We were all women, and we were waiting for a man, we were expecting him, but not waiting, I mean. We were chanting and singing, raising and lowering our joined hands. The room fell into darkness, and a point of light appeared in the air above us, centered over the table. It was like a star seen from a distance, cold and multifaceted, beautiful.

The chanting ended, the darkness fled, and the star plummeted from the heavens. It fell forever, until it landed in the center of the table.

The man had come in behind me, throught a door I hadn't noticed before.

"That was amazing!" he sighs in breathless wonder.

I turned and looked at the star in the middle of the table. It was a diamond. A huge diamond, about a foot tall, still shining with that cold inner light, like a star, but muted to be bearable to our eyes.

The group told me to sell it, so I took it to a jeweler in Belgium, who gave me money for it. A lot of money. And I woke up as I gave the money to the other women.


I was walking down the road with a Goblin. He stood about armpit height, and was green, but otherwise looked just like the goblins from the Harry Potter movie.

I was his real-estate agent, and we were walking around town, so I could introduce him to the neighborhood.

We saw a house, an old house that looked like a duplex. He was intrigued by this house, and it was for sale, so we went to look in the windows. We realized that the door was unlocked, so we went in. It had been a duplex, but had been converted to a one family home. It was beautiful, hardwood floors, open floor plan, absolutely stunning. We heard someone come in, so we ran out the back door, over fences, across yards, until we found the sidewalk again, and deliberately casually walked along, pretending we hadn't been where we weren't supposed to be.

I remember being very sad that we never got to see the upstairs, there were no bathrooms, and the people who came in the door were debating on how to dispose of a chair that they had brought in with them, if they should put it in the basement, or the compost heap.

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