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These dreams...

So, last night, these dreams came roaring back to life, especially the "mystery female comforter" dream. Whoever it is, she's someone from my past (or present), and she just wants to make sure I'm alright. But who can it be? All I know is that her touch is soft, her voice is calm, and one of her hands is running through my hair and sideburns. I have no clue what she looks like though or who she is.

As for that dream where I have to kill my mom? That came back to life in a daydream. It set up like I was in a video game, and I was making my way through, I came to this monster. Her weapons were drama and an unwillingness to let go... I think what the dream is telling me is that I have to get away from her in order to have any chance of success... hmmm.

A dream interpretation site:


It looks fairly interesting from the quick look through I've given it so far.

Maybe I'll interpret one of my dreams...

So sorry

I haven't really been keeping up on this community, encouraging people to post, or to join, or offering interesting posts of my own.

I will be trying to do better.

I'm also considering making this a paid journal, and putting links to dream interpretation sites in the journal as well.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this a better community, please let me know.

Jan. 13th, 2004

Last night I had three dreams that i can remember. I dreamt all night, but only these three lingered.


The baby was trying to be born. I was not in labor, I was feeling no pain, but the baby was trying to pull herself out of my womb, on her own. I was trying to hold her in, yelling for Beloved to take me to the Hospital. So Beloved wrapped Monkey in a blanket (it was the middle of the night), and we rushed to the hospital. When we got to the ER, I was still trying to hold the baby in, physically, with my hands, trying to push her back in, becuase I knew it was too early. Beloved was still carrying Monkey in his arms. Monkey was apparently asleep through the whole thing.

We banged on doors, yelling for help, asking that someone help us, but the ER was deserted. There was no one around. There was not even a feeling of anyone around. The place felt empty, sterile.

We ran into the hallways, banging on doorways, pleading that someone, anyone tell us where to get help. No one appeared. The whole hospital was empty.


There were 33 of us. We sat in a circle, around a table. We held hands. We were all women, and we were waiting for a man, we were expecting him, but not waiting, I mean. We were chanting and singing, raising and lowering our joined hands. The room fell into darkness, and a point of light appeared in the air above us, centered over the table. It was like a star seen from a distance, cold and multifaceted, beautiful.

The chanting ended, the darkness fled, and the star plummeted from the heavens. It fell forever, until it landed in the center of the table.

The man had come in behind me, throught a door I hadn't noticed before.

"That was amazing!" he sighs in breathless wonder.

I turned and looked at the star in the middle of the table. It was a diamond. A huge diamond, about a foot tall, still shining with that cold inner light, like a star, but muted to be bearable to our eyes.

The group told me to sell it, so I took it to a jeweler in Belgium, who gave me money for it. A lot of money. And I woke up as I gave the money to the other women.


I was walking down the road with a Goblin. He stood about armpit height, and was green, but otherwise looked just like the goblins from the Harry Potter movie.

I was his real-estate agent, and we were walking around town, so I could introduce him to the neighborhood.

We saw a house, an old house that looked like a duplex. He was intrigued by this house, and it was for sale, so we went to look in the windows. We realized that the door was unlocked, so we went in. It had been a duplex, but had been converted to a one family home. It was beautiful, hardwood floors, open floor plan, absolutely stunning. We heard someone come in, so we ran out the back door, over fences, across yards, until we found the sidewalk again, and deliberately casually walked along, pretending we hadn't been where we weren't supposed to be.

I remember being very sad that we never got to see the upstairs, there were no bathrooms, and the people who came in the door were debating on how to dispose of a chair that they had brought in with them, if they should put it in the basement, or the compost heap.

x-posted in my journal.
The other night I dreamt of a town in medieval times, well, closer to Renassaince times actually. The estate that the town was part of's ruling family had died out, and the estate was granted to a friend of the King's. This man, arrogant, powerful, perhaps slightly corrupt, but not too much, moves into the castle that is his now by right. It is a comfortable castle, but the servants have all left.

The local leaders of this town, the town closest to the castle, approach their new liege. They bring with them a beautiful woman, dressed in an ornate white gown. Her hair is so lightly colored you would think it more silver than blond. They approach at night, after finishing the work that brings them thier livlihoods. The local leaders offer the woman in marriage to the new ruler. The new ruler is intrigued by the offer, for he has not found a suitable wife of his own yet, and she is strangely alluring.

They marry. On their wedding night, she bites him. It turns out, the town (and the previouse ruling family) are all werewolves. The ruling family died out from inbreeding basically, going insane and developing strange deformities. So now, he is a werewolf too, and must protect thier secret. He throws his new bride from the tower, but she lands unharmed, and the town leaders arrange for him to die, once they are sure that she is carrying his child. She then becomes regent for her son, who rules well, keeping the secret.

Sep. 17th, 2003

I have noticed in the past that I tend to be more tired when I don't remember my dreams, so maybe I'm not sleeping well, even though I'm sleeping. I vaguely remember having a dream after the alarm went off this morning, while my Beloved was showering. I'll probably post this in my regular journal as well, so I apologize for crossposting, for those who read both this journal, and that.

I dreamt that my mother-in-law came over to do all of my mending, and she lectured me on my laundry techniques. To prove her point, she put a red T-shirt of Monkey's that's been stained for a few weeks now into the washer, and pulled it out, and it was perfectly, blindingly, incredibly clean. and white. That's the only dream I remember, except for one about eggs a few days ago. I don't know how many dreams most people remember having in any given time frame, but I usually remember at least one every night. My dream life is getting pretty pale and empty. That makes me sad.

Sep. 16th, 2003

I don't remember any of my dreams from the past couple of nights, but I thought I'd share an old one.

I dreamt (a long time ago), that one day I found out I was pregnant, and I gave birth later that afternoon. I hadn't seen my boyfriend for a few days (he's now my husband, but at the time he was my boyfriend), so when he came over to see the baby he was really angry that I hadn't told him I was pregnant. He looked like he hadn't slept in days, and had spent all that time drinking too. He had stubble on his cheeks, his face was flushed and cruel. He started chasing me around the living room with a knife. I'm carrying the baby, so I throw the baby to my mom, but she tells me that he deserves to know his kid, and throws the baby to him. The baby turns into a bean bag frog. He puts the frog feet first into a toaster, the slots on the toaster open up and then close around the waist of what is now a baby again. The baby is really happy though. He's gone from being a newborn to being around a year old, and he is smiling and laughing, waving his hands around while his demented father chases me around with a knife.

I woke up. That was one of my series of really weird baby dreams. I had those dreams before I got pregnant with my son, and some of them I think were just because I was trying to convince myself I didn't want kids, just in case I couldnt' have them.
I dreamt about eggs all night last night. Mostly whole eggs, some were hatching, some were broken. What was really weird is that this morning, my son woke up and jumped out of bed demanding eggs for breakfast. Nothing else would do for him. He very rarely wakes up demanding any specific food.

So, eggs are potentialities. Maybe I was reviewing possibilities in my head, looking at the ones coming to fruition, mourning the ones that were lost? I didn’t have any particular feeling that I remember. Just eggs.

Aug. 26th, 2003

I had a really strange dream this morning. It was chaotic and jumbled, I think even more than I rememer it, but my consious mind has attempted to force some kind of order to it.

I can hear my husband start his shower, I'm still in bed with Monkey, cuddling, waiting for my turn. I can also hear the shower start next door, and it amuses my sleep fogged mind to imagine my husband showering directly across from the neighbor at the same time she is showering. Then, without walking to the bathroom, or even getting out of bed, I find myself in the bathroom, cleaning the sink. My youngest brother walks in, he's carrying a spray can with a brightly colored psychedelic pattern covering the outside. He stretches one leg of his black denim bell bottoms out, and rolls the can from the hem to his hip, in one smooth easy movement, leaving behind a brightly colored psychedelic pattern on his pants. He does this again, with the other leg, all the while talking to me, but I don't remember what about. Then he sprays the can at his pants, turning the denim yellow in spots, but not affecting the pattern that was rolled on before. Now my mother walks into the bathroom, she's wearing her nightgown, and complaining about the noise my cat made when it came in to play the windchimes in her bedroom. I shoo them all out, because after all, my husband is showering, and my bathroom isn't big enough for all this activity. I sit down on the toilet lid to wait for my turn in the shower, and my husband begins jumping around inside the shower. I asked him what he was doing, vaguely concerned that he might hurt his knee jumping like that. He told me he was making sure his feet got completely clean. When he continued the hackey-sack jumping, I asked him if he thought he really should be jumping like that in the shower, and he said, yes, I'm good at it, see?

And then I woke up, and he was just coming out of the shower, and I was still cuddling Monkey in bed.

I don’t really like Orange Chicken

The very old Chinese man and I were in the barn, and it was burning, but I didn’t feel any heat. I knew though, that it was very important that we get out of the burning barn, before it was too late. However, the only way out was to use the time machine the old man had built. We had to prevent the fire in order to escape it. In order to use the time machine, we had to finish off this gigantic bowl full of orange chicken, lo mein, and pork fried rice. We couldn’t have any leftovers, or the machine wouldn’t work. So we were eating as fast as we could, and I noticed that I never felt full, which was a good thing. Before we could eat each plate though, it had to be sat on a pedestal so the buzzer could ring. We did this twice. (as it turns out, I apparently turned the alarm off twice before I finally woke up). Just as we were about to scrape the last of the food out of the bowl, I woke up.