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To Dream in Color...

The Inner Mind
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a place to document your dreams and open them up for discussion
We all have dreams.

Some are bright and beautiful, they fill us with hope, joy, and inspiration.

Some are dark and frightening. We push them to the back of our minds, where they linger, almost forgotten.

Some we never remember upon re-entering the waking world.

According to Science, dreams are either the random firing of neurons in a sleeping brains, or they are the inner mind's way of working through the problems we encounter during the day.

According to Art, dreams are the inner expressions of our deepest desire, our darkest fear, our brightest hope.

Sometimes you want to keep your dreams to yourself, savor them in the privacy of your own skull.

Sometimes you want to share your dreams, laugh about them with others, shiver over them, be soothed by the quiet murmur of those who understand the deep pits that your dreams have crawled from.

Sometimes you just need to put your dreams down on 'paper', to let them flow from your mind through your hand, and out of your way as you move on with your life.

Here is the place to share your dreams. Here is a place where others can offer insight into your dream, if that is what you wish; or sympathy if that is what you are looking for.

Please keep in mind...
Dreams are personal. Please be respectful of what others write here. The purpose of this journal is share laughter and tears, not to cause them at another's expense.

Anyone who abuses the privilege of seeing the inner workings of another's mind will be banned.

Anonymous users are banned from commenting. If you want to comment on someone's dream posting, you must use your live journal acct to do so. If you need to set up a live journal acct, please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to help you if I can.